Sponsor:Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Period: Bimonthly

Place of publication: Chongqing

Language: Chinese

Format: 32

ISSN: 1001-2397

CN: 50-1020/D

Postal code: 78-15

Founded: 1979

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Modern Jurisprudence, formerly known as the Journal of Southwest University of Political Science and Law, founded in 1979 at the beginning of the reform and opening-up. It was one of the earliest journals of legal theory founded in the country. In 1982, it was renamed Quarterly Journal of law to meet the needs of national public issuance, and in 1988, it was renamed Modern Jurisprudence (bimonthly). Modern Jurisprudence is headed by the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission, sponsored by the Southwest University of Political Science and Law, edited and published by the editorial department of Modern Jurisprudence. The main columns of this journal are: theoretical thinking, department law research, international law and comparative law forums, and reviews. The President of the Journal of Southwest University of Political Science and Law is Professor Zhou Shangjun, the chief editor of Modern Jurisprudence is the Professor Zhao Wanyi, the associate editor is the Professor Duan Wenbo, the Professor Huang Hui, and Dr.Dong Yanbin.


Economic Law in the Era of the Civil Code

Market economy rule of law

Legislative and Judicial Studies

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